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Electroless Nickel

Yielding excellent wear and corrosion resistance, electroless nickel is an autocatalytic plating process resulting in a reflective layer of nickel-phosphorous. The total build up plating process provides uniformity on all surfaces, making post machining unnecessary when dimensions are accurate.

Electroless Nickel Sales Sheet

NiCoTef®, another of Pioneer’s proprietary process brands, is an advanced electroless nickel composite coating which offers an extremely low coefficient of friction, high corrosion resistance and improved wear for a number of applications.


NorGuard™ is an electroless nickel plating that produces the best corrosion and stain resistance from our electroless nickel offerings. This process also yields good wear resistance.

NorKote I, II, III™

NorKote I™ is Pioneer's electroless nickel process that offers corrosion and wear resistance as well as lubricity in one single coating. This is the most common type of electroless nickel plating.


NorLast™ offers the best wear protection of our electroless nickel finishes approaching the performance of ceramic coatings and hard chrome.


NorLube has the combined hardness of Electroless Nickel with the lubricity and non stick properties of PTFE.