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Pioneer offers a variety of blasting options to meet pretreatment and texture requirements for various finishes. From high volume tumble blast and spinner hanger shot blast to large cabinet individual part blasting. Pioneer removes rust, scale, and other contaminates from your critical part surface prior to the application of your engineered coating system.

With a variety of different equipment applications Pioneer can handle any type of size and part.

Standard Specifications
TT-C-490 Method I
LMN 331-2

Performance Benefits
Coating Adhesion
Cosmetic Appearance

Receptive Metals
Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Casting

Common Types of Media
Stainless Steel
Aluminum Oxide
Glass Bead

If you have specific media requirements such as Ceramic, Plastic, Walnut, etc. please contact Pioneer at 877-721-1100.


Performance :
Adhesion, Aesthetics
Material Type:
Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Casting