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Aluminum Conversion Coating

Aluminum Conversion Coatings are non-decorative coatings applied to aluminum parts to achieve a thin, electrically conductive coating that will provide corrosion resistance. These coatings are also a great base coating for aluminum parts that require painting, as it will aid in the adhesion of the paint to the aluminum.
Non-Chrome Conversion Coat

Pioneer's Non-Chrome Conversion Coat process treats aluminum substrates to provide a clean suitable surface for aluminum or composites bonding and as a pre-paint treatment. Pioneer's process controls allow for high degrees of bonding strength in critcal automotive bonding applications.

Type I (Hexchrome)

Type I Hexchrome will range in color from light yellow to dark yellow, depending on the immersion time in the chromate bath.

Type II (ELV/Trivalent)

Pioneer's Type II Conversion Coating utilizes a trivalent chromium base and provides excellent performance characteristics matching hexavalent conversion coatings while meeting all of the current environmental requirements. (RoHS, REACH, ELV & WEEE)