Pioneer Metal's Medical Center of Excellence
Pioneer Metal’s Medical Center of Excellence

Pioneer Metal was recently featured in an article by Products Finishing which discussed how Pioneer is solving the unmet needs of the medical device industry. The article starts out by stating that “Pioneer Metal Finishing’s Medical Center of Excellence has expanded the company’s capacity to serve the critical medical device industry. With ISO 13485 certification in hand, the company is now a key driver in medical innovations.”  The article goes on to state that “Pioneer’s primary product offerings today focus on sterilization resilient aluminum anodizing solutions and high-performance wear and lubricity surfaces. The targeted medical devices – many of which are aluminum-based – can be found in sterilization cases and trays, patient handling beds, jigs and fixtures in medical tools, external fixators for broken limbs, as well as components for robotics and minimally invasive surgeries. Pioneer also works on components found in critical imaging systems, cameras and MRI and X-ray machines. Strege adds, “We have specialized coatings for functional performance, like tribological management or wear and lubricity enhancement, and optical characteristics mainly in management of light and heat.”  Click here to read the full article.