COVID-19 Update – March 27, 2020


We are operating in unusual times, resulting in significant stress and uncertainty in our business; yet it’s also a time when the work we’re doing is extremely important. As an Essential Critical Infrastructure supplier, our services support many customers that create products to help secure, rebuild and heal our great country.

We’ve confirmed with our supply base that our chemicals and materials are ready as needed. We are providing our services to critical industries such as the department of defense, medical, transportation, and other key industries in this fight.

I am very proud of our team at Pioneer and our supplier partners in the unselfishness they show by coming to work every day. Their efforts are being noticed at the highest levels and are critical in our fight against the COVID-19 crisis. Collectively we are taking steps to address this crisis by:

  • Focusing on our customers. We support many critical category customers, like those in Healthcare, Defense and Agriculture. As such, our goal is to ensure that our customers continue to receive Pioneer shipments on time.
  • Keeping our employees and supplier partners safe. Keeping our stakeholders safe is a top priority for our team. We’ve taken steps to ensure that our team can support safe distance working as well as health monitoring.
  • Offering resources and support for our employees. Supporting our employees in this critical time is of utmost importance. Where possible, we support work-at-home programs. When remote working is not possible, we are offering flexible scheduling to ensure that our team retains the ability to support their families.
  • Supporting our local and regional communities. Giving back is an important part of Pioneer’s culture. During this time of need, our employees are donating their time and resources in important ways. I am proud of our teams in Wisconsin, as an example, for donating time and materials to make critically needed medical supplies like healthcare workers masks.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Know we’re all in this fight together and we’ll come out stronger on the other side.

Scott Kettler