Pioneer Technologies

Lab Services are provided by Pioneer Technologies, a division of Pioneer Metal Finishing. Pioneer Technologies is staffed by a core group of technical metal finishing experts with over a hundred years of Electroplating and Manufacturing expertise. Lab services offered through Pioneer Technologies are listed below with the corresponding test specification. These on site services are unique to Pioneer to assist customers in a timely manner. In addition to providing lab services and technical resources this core group focuses on helping customers achieve their “Time To Market” and product differentiation goals.

Services Offered in Our Research and Development Lab:
• Full metallographic preparation
• Micro hardness tester for the analysis of coatings and substrates (ASTM E384)
• Taber (ASTM D4060)
• Suga wear testing (ISO 8251)
• Surface roughness evaluation (ASME B46.1)
• Weight Loss for coating density (ASTM B137)
• Salt Spray Corrosion Testing (ASTM B117, ISO 9227)
• Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1894)
• Professional Reporting, including documentation and photographs

Technical Capabilities:
• Process Validation Testing
• Develop and Maintain Best Practices
• Process Analysis and Trouble Shooting
• Pilot Line (small volume and specialized work)
• Special Processes
• New Process Development

Pioneer's OEM Solution: (VA-100)
• Custom Selective Anodize Systems
- Individual fixture per part with masking built into fixture
- Individual rectification control per fixtures
- Unparalleled oxide build control
- Complete uniform coverage within coated area
• Project Management

Application and Benefits of Selective Anodize Systems: (VA-100)
• Minimizes area coated to reduce costs
- Minimum electrolyte consumption
• Minimizes electrical consumption
• Minimize fixture costs and maintenance
• Identify non-conforming product before assembly and field replacement
- Eliminate Customer complaints and returns