Zinc Nickel

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Pioneer’s Zinc Nickel alloy creates ductile coatings that allow a full range of post- plate forming operations, greatly reducing customer manufacturing costs. Among these operations are bending, crimping and flaring processes not possible with conventional plated or painted finishes. Pioneer’s automated high-performance coating with corrosion protection far exceeds conventional zinc processes.

Standard Specifications
RoHS, REACH, ELV & WEEE Compliant

Performance Benefits
Corrosion resistance up to 1,000 hrs B-117 salt spray, can be formulated to 3,000 hrs
Ductile coatings allow for post-plate forming operations
Can be formulated as a replacement for Cadmium
High performance that far exceeds conventional processes

Receptive Metals

Max Part Size
40" x 19" x 5"
77 pounds per part


Performance :
Corrosion Resistance
Material Type: