Vortex Anodizing (VA-100)

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Pioneer’s patented VA-100 high-speed, vortex anodizing machines greatly reduce process time while increasing the wear resistance compared to conventional hard anodize processes.

Pioneer has perfected hardcoat anodizing in the ring grooves and lands of automotive pistons through our High Speed Vortex anodizing processes. The VA-100 process ensures minimum blow by and poundout in the piston ring groove ensuring clean, cold starts and long surface life of performance pistons.

This process is also capable of providing a cost effective solution when high volumes of parts require a small area of hard anodize to be applied precisely to a select area of the component part, eliminating the high cost of hand masking.

The Vortex Anodizing (VA-100) Offers
Anodizing 50-times faster than batch
Tolerances of +/-.0001 can be achieved with Pioneer's Vortex Anodizing
Ideal for just-in–time Production
Very compact footprint
Low labor & operating costs
Each piston monitored for quality control
Uniform coating throughout groove
No racking - quick change fixtures
Low Ra capabilities
Over 140 Million pistons have been processed in North America with VA-100 machine solutions

Receptive Metals
Aluminum Alloy


Material Type:
Aluminum Alloy