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EnduraGuard™ is the latest breakthrough from Pioneer that provides extreme corrosion protection on aluminum castings and wrought alloys. Ask about EnduraGuard™ for extreme corrosion protection needs.

EnduraGuard™ provides the highest level of chemical and corrosion resistance of all the Pioneer anodize coatings. While EnduraGuard™ is suitable for all aluminum alloys, this process specifically improves aesthetics and corrosion resistance for aluminum cast parts.

Standard Specifications
Proprietary Process
RoHS, REACH, ELV & WEEE Compliant

Performance Benefits
Corrosion Resistance
Extreme Corrosion Protection (i.e. Marine Environment)
Guards against Acid and Alkaline attacks
Color Consistency
Improves Secondary Finishes
*Results may vary depending upon alloy constituents of casting and environment conditions (description on bottom of chart)

Receptive Metals
Aluminum Alloy
Aluminum Casting

100-1000 uin.

Max Part Size
48” x 32” x 16”


Performance :
Aesthetics, Corrosion Resistance
Material Type:
Aluminum Alloy, Aluminum Casting