Rubber to Metal Adhesive Coating

Pioneer is a leader in the application of Rubber and Polyurethane to Metal adhesive coatings. These coatings rely upon robust pretreatment processes and systems, tight controls on adhesive film buildup, and protection from post application contaminants to insure successful and lasting Rubber and Polyurethane to Metal Bonds.

We offer various Zinc and Manganese Phosphate pretreatment coatings, as well as complete parts washing and blasting services to prepare the substrates for the critical application of adhesives.

The adhesives can be applied in various ways. Our high volume production systems include chain on edge spray systems, dip spin, and dip drain. Lower volume methods such as hand spray are also offered.

Our large adhesive coating operations assure you that your project, regardless of the volume, can be handled professionally and in an efficient manner.

Pioneer offers the highest quality adhesive coatings from Lord, Dow, & Cilibond (CIL). Other formulations are also available upon request. We are a preferred applicator for these adhesives, and can insure that your project is a winner from the start to the finish.

Standard Specifications

Performance Benefits
Rubber to Substrate Bonding Adhesion

Receptive Metals
Aluminum Alloy


Performance :
Material Type:
Aluminum Alloy, Plastic, Steel
Rubber to Metal Adhesive Coating

Pioneer applies a variety of high performance adhesive coatings for rubber to substrate bonding applications.