About Us

About Pioneer Metal Finishing

Founded in 1945, Pioneer Metal Finishing (PMF) offers the widest array of metal finishing services with locations across the United States and Mexico, including anodizing and electroless nickel, and chromate, tin, zinc, and precious metal platings. All of these services are supported by Pioneer Technologies, our dedicated research and development staff of knowledgeable chemical experts. Pioneer Metal Finishing is more than just a metal finisher. We offer "trusted finishes" to customers through proven processes, expertise, and positive long-term relationships with customers and employees alike. Pioneer Metal Finishing has grown considerably since 1945 and strives to help customers achieve their time to market and product differentiation goals through great customer service, technical support, and the widest array of metal finishing processes with our unique, all-in-one philosophy of servicing small to large customers across the industry.

Pioneer's Mission

To create value for our customers, associates and shareholders by providing the highest quality products and services in the metal finishing industry. Our success will be measured by the relationships we build with our customers, employees, suppliers and community. These relationships will be based on trust, respect and commitment to protecting the environment.

Pioneer's Vision

Pioneer will serve its customers and markets by offering the best products and services in our industry. We will accomplish this by providing world-class finishing services specifically targeted to our customers' demands. Striving for continued improvement, we will look at ourselves critically with a mindset of how we can improve service to our customers. Collectively, these efforts will position Pioneer to capitalize on the inability of our competitors to provide top-notch services.

Pioneer's Values

Serving Our Customers, Employees and Community
•Listen to their needs
•Seek to understand
•Earn their trust

Maximizing Our Potential
•Inspire others with a can-do attitude
•Build positive, successful teams that embrace and drive change
•Approach each day as an opportunity to improve

Always Strive to Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Goals
•Invest in the short-term, keeping the long-term in mind
•Make decisions that secure our future
•Balanced growth for organizational sustainability

Relational Honesty
•Be straightforward and clear in all communication
•Support, encourage, and challenge each other
•Know yourself; own your behaviors and actions

•Deliver on our promises by doing what we say
•Act with integrity
•Be accountable to yourself and others

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