Heat Reflective Coating

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Pioneer utilizes LORD® HRC heat-reflective coating which is a two-component fluoroelastomer coating which features heat reflectiveness, robust adhesion and exceptional mechanical properties. This coating greatly enhances fuel and fluid resistance for a wide variety of elastomeric substrates. Application of this Heat Reflective Coating on the surface of an elastomeric part allows the bulk of the component to be made of less expensive, less fluid resistant material. Pioneer is one of a few LORD® approved vendors of this product line.

Performance Benefits
Reflects radiant heat away form the coated parts, enabling parts to operate at cooler temperatures UL 94 V-0 certified
Noise Reduction, eliminates rattle produced by loose heat shields
Provides high temperature, fuel and fluid resistant barrier to external surface of elastomeric part providing longer life and higher reliability
Cost Effective

Standard Specifications

Receptive Metals
All elastomeric substrates


Performance :
Heat Dissipation